Monday, April 5, 2010

Church in San Nicolaas

The Pantophlet family have been members for a long time in Aruba. This is Pam and her mother, called "Mom" by everyone. They are fun to be around and are very lovely women.
Gladis was just sustained as our new Relief Society President. Next to her is Alsida Bernebela, just released as the past Relief Society President. I have enjoyed working with both ladies.

Here we are at the chapel (rented home) listening and watching General Conference. This is the first time the branch was able to see conference in San Nicolaas. Elder Pietz was able to get DSL approved and installed and then got permission for a new updated flat screen TV so conference could be received via internet and transferred to the TV screen. It had been very difficult for the people to get transportation to the other chapel a half hour away to view conference. Most members do not have their own transportation and to rely on the buses requires them to walk a distance and wait for the bus in the heat.

This is Dayzi Elliot and her son, Jaleel-2 yrs. old. She came over to say good bye to us and brought us a lovely card she had made. Her husband had flown to Jamaica to be with his mom and flew with her to Miami for brain surgery. The surgery was successful and he should have returned last night. Dayzi is our awesome Gospel Doctrine teacher and her husband is the Elder's Quorum President.

This is outside our chapel after church. From the left--President Buckley--our branch president and landlord and great friend with quite a sense of humor, Elder Lehr--had lots of fun with him & he is now in Puerto Rico, Brother Miguel Torrealba--once served here in San Nicolaas as a missionary from Venezuela and now living here & is going to really help out the branch by being the mission leader, Elder Zenger--has been here twice in San Nicolaas and is one of our dearest friends, Johan--a recent strong convert.

When I went to take a picture of Elder Lehr and Elder Zenger, Johanna jumped into the picture. Her dad is Johan and she will be taking the missionary discussions. She just turned 9 and is very intelligent. She is a great reader in Dutch, Spanish, English, and Papiamento. She has attended church with her dad ever since he's been coming. I really have enjoyed teaching her in Primary whenever I've substituted there.

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  1. This is my favorite post so far. It is neat to see the people and learn their names and how wonderful for dad to have gotten conference available to watch like that!