Saturday, March 20, 2010

Aruba in March

After helping put in a garden for a member, all the missionaries had a barbeque at our place. Elder Pietz got too hot and put on his shorts with his cowboy boots.
Another baptism at the beach early before church on Sunday morning.

We had a Relief Society activity this morning and one of the sisters showed us how to make empenadas (cornmeal dough folded over with cheese & ham or vegetables and then deep fried). We then had a delicious luncheon.
When the missionaries had their barbeque at our place we asked them to sing some hymns. They have really great voices and harmonize so well. I actually think the Spanish hymns sound better than the English.

Ivan was baptized in September and is a very strong member. He already has the Melchezdik priesthood. He baptized his wife Santa. Elder Lehr and Elder Zanger were witnesses.
This is Daysi. She and her husband Jeff are part owners in an Italian restaurant. He is the chef and is from Jamaica and she is from Aruba. She supervises the orders in the kitchen and loves to wear the white hat. The food is delicious. She is the greatest Gospel Doctrine teacher and he is the Elder Quorum President.

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  1. Love the cowboy boots and shorts I think that should be a permanent look for dad. And a new convert named Ivan, isn't that neat. Love you!