Saturday, February 20, 2010

Life in Aruba

We have had a great time this last 6 weeks with wonderful sisters and elders. They look on us as "parents or grandparents". We worked well together and likewise played well together too. There is a picture of the six of us at the beach at the end of our Pday. The sisters had already put their skirts back on. They all played volleyball with about 6 more elders and I had a nice walk along the beach.
The six of us enjoyed the butterfly farm, though our pictures didn't show how beautiful these foreign varieties were. I loved the bright blue ones.
One Pday we were running short on time and still wanted to have time for Baskin Robbins icecream, but two of the bikes had flats.So the sisters volunteered to ride the elders' bikes. That way 4 elders and the 2 bikes that needed to be fixed could go in the sisters' car. The only trouble was that Sister Fair (left) is super short and had trouble getting up on the bike. Sister Reid is on the right.
Elder Teaupa left) and Elder Lehr (right) are really enjoying a special breakfast buffet at the Radisson Hotel. We all splurged and had a breakfast and then had our district meeting on a lawn. The two elders tried to outeat each other. We all had plenty to eat. They had to eat a big lunch at one of the member's homes. I'm glad we didn't have a sandwich until much later that day. Elder Teaupa is from Tonga though he lived in Australia for about 10 years. He will be returning to BYU Hawaii in 2 months. Elder Pietz wants to take a trip to Tonga when we return home.