Friday, October 23, 2009

Homes in Aruba

All the houses are built out of cinder or concrete blocks. Then they add stucco to the outside and paint them. They love bright colors--blue, lime, purple, yellow, mustard, and burnt red especially. The fences around the houses are all different and unique. They too are painted bright colors. I loved the lime green fence. The house with all the palm trees is more upscale. Other than at the highrise hotel end of the island often you find a rundown house next to a very nice house. Often the people work on the houses themselves to try to save some money. Everything is very expensive here. Many of the houses are small.

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  1. Homes in Aruba are built beautifully with bright colors. It is available on rent for weeks, months or year. Mostly tourist prefer staying in homes as they are affordable and independent.