Wednesday, October 7, 2009

The Desert Golf Course

One of the young missionaries is teeing off on the first tee. As you can see it is pretty desolate and yet here there are no cactus or bushes as your rough. Another missionary went to retrieve my ball from the cactus. You need to take a club with you because of the snakes. The close up picture of cactus includes a dark colored flat surface that is the green. This is all sand that has been mixed with oil. You can use a carpet as a kind of rake to smooth the green before you shoot. The only trouble is that the greens smell. Also your ball does not roll well. Of course, your ball doesn't roll well on the course either. Once the ball hits the sand or rocks it pretty much stops dead. I hadn't golfed for over 40 years and this was Dave's first attempt. He didn't see why so many people get so much enjoyment from playing golf. It could be that the temperature was over 100 and the humidity high and the wind was very strong. His whole head today is very red. We had golf carts and the "kids" saved us the new cart. However, there was a lot of walking because we didn't hit the ball that far and it was easier to just walk. Hole # 1 took over an hour to play. We had a sister missionary who had never played before either and there were six of us playing together. After 3 1/2 hours we had finished 5 holes.

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